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Eating sustainable, organic, healthy and vegan without getting bored? Bet Tossolia has cashed in with the arrival of a new tofu recipe: grilled tofu flavored with sesame and ginger.

Did we really say the “original” tofu recipe?

Tofu is often seen in the market for vegan alternatives Simple and unattractive eyeliner. However, innovations abound. With Tossolia, it is possible to put “tofu” and “moose” or even “tofu” and “greedy” in the same sentence. That’s what Tosulia seeks to share with her new tofu recipe.

Who is this French organic tofu maestro?

A company committed…

Tusolia is a Cooperative and Participatory Society (SCOP) founded in 1990. Today, it presents itself as the “Artisan Chef of Organic Kitchens”. The products are 100% organic and the company is committed to being responsible and buying local products…

With her new tofu recipe, she’s taking a stand to make a “happy” food transition to fight global warming.

Keen to innovate

So the new product is a combination of different parameters:

  • Respect the environment by taking a sustainable approach
  • Meeting Nutritional Needs: Plant-Based Protein Deals
  • Add flavor to the dish

Thus, Tosolia innovates in an already well-known product. Offers a new accessible version. The challenge is to serve up a delicious product regardless of your culinary skills!

Delicious new product

The new tofu recipe is reminiscent of a meat product known to the general public. These are not poultry here, but vegetarians. Both gourmet and wholesome, the short list of ingredients is reassuring yet heralds mouth-watering emotions.


The product comes in a range of different flavors and is distinguished by its original taste. “Sesame and ginger,” “wild garlic,” or even “smoked beech” combinations promise a journey that other classics sometimes don’t suggest.

Tusulia confirms its position as a committed player in food transmission. The company goes further. She strives to prove with her new tofu recipe that a vegetarian or vegan diet doesn’t mean a tasteless meal: quite the opposite!

Article written with Claire Boysan, Assistant Project Manager. Thanks to her!

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