Toulouse. Upon leaving, Claire left us a cookbook that tasted like happiness.

Claire Rove was Professor of Geographical History at Toulouse. She was also passionate about Mediterranean cuisine. She died in February 2022, leaving behind her “La Cuisine de Claire” recipe book, a small, secret gourmet guide to generous preparations, the profits of which are donated to the benefit of research into Charcot’s disease.

Home of Constantine (Algeria), Claire arrived in Toulouse at the age of twelve. Years later, she married Claude, a native of Alsace. A teacher of history, geography and art history enthusiast, Claire loved cooking, a symbol of sharing and encounters. Throughout her life, she has multiplied recipes inspired by her travels and childhood memories. “Claire loved to entertain, bringing her family and friends together. The bigger the tables, the happier she was,” Claude recalls, “over the years, her recipes marrying her three cultures, the Mediterranean, her Alsatian roots and this south-west, land of flavours, which She loved it so much. Between traditional dishes, festivities, sweets, bread and other childhood sweets, she advised to write a book of all these colorful and gourmet recipes, symbols of many cultures. A culinary guide that has remained in the family for a long time. ” Thus, in the pages of this well-illustrated little book, we find the Moroccan recipe for cocos with roasted peppers, paregol, a Provencal preparation based on artichokes, and beans with caraway and cumin. Basa soup for holiday evenings, traditional for Jewish Passover, bean and artichoke tagine for Purim (a Jewish holiday), couscous from Rue Joseph Bosco in memory of Constantine. A chapter also devoted to bread such as halothe, the festive brioche bread. Then come many Alsace-inspired preparations, such as sauerkraut at 3 rue des Vosges, the address where Claude lived. Unforgettable Southwest delicacies with honey duck breast and sweet panyoles, the legendary friton or cassoulet with duck confit and lamb shoulder. Childhood dear to Claire also returns on the pages: orange blossom crowns, pine nuts and almond croquettes, jam pies …

Profits are back

Suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Charcot’s disease), she left us last February, at the age of 71. “That’s when my children had the idea to publish this book” La Cuisine de Claire “, continues Claude. A way to remember Claire’s generosity, to share gourmet dishes and above all to contribute to research against this terrible disease, both in France with the ALS Association and in Israel with Tel University Aviv, where the benefits of this book are donated to these two entities.” More than just a recipe book, “La Cuisine de Claire” is above all a beautiful tribute to a creative and generous woman.

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