Travel to Jaipur with vegetarian recipes from Meraki Kitchen Restaurant

Diamonds lead to everything! Anyway, that’s what we tell ourselves when we talk with Shivika, a beautiful young woman who has chosen to set aside, far from the family karat. Just a stone’s throw from the Jaipur metro, Meraaki Kitchen is one of the “food places” in the capital of Rajasthan. In a rather cool decor with Balinese Indian influences, we meet tourists, Indians and expats who savor curries, cocktails, avocado toast and dal…

culture broth

Although she was born in Jaipur, Shevika spent her childhood in Hong Kong before studying in Boston, all in a very Western environment. “I used to come to India for holidays, but my whole upbringing was steeped in European influence. I was so young, I knew I wouldn’t join the family business because my dream was to launch a restaurant where only women work. And as we know, young people want to realize their dreams. But by going back To India, Shevika was soon disappointed.” The standing of women in India is fragile and they face many barriers. Developing my project as I dreamed was impossible. I had to adapt. Meraki’s mixed kitchen team, but we’ve been recruited through NGOs, work with ethical farms, have our own botanical gardens (including a couple of small gardens here, particularly on the rooftop, editor’s note) and choose the healthiest produce possible …I often even joke that our milk comes from happy cows! » Inspiré du grec « meraki », verbe qui signifie « faire quelque chose avec son âme, avec amour, mettre un peu de soi dans son travail », Meraaki est un projet qui se veut global, tout comme l’est le café White Sage , next to.

Indian, but not only

In the menu of Meraki cuisine, of course, Indian dishes, but not only. Shivika explains, “Jaipur is a very touristy city, but I found that there was a shortage of a table serving international cuisine. I put on the menu all the vegetarian recipes I dreamed of eating myself: Hong Kong fried noodles in my childhood, mango curry from South India, Burmese Khao Soi, Airy hummus, steamed pancakes, crazy chocolate – vanilla and caramel fudge, fresh and crunchy salads…”
The great score makes you want to come back again and again to explore the entire map! Given the success of this first project, Shevika is thinking big. Shivika wishes to also act like her family who renovated the Jal Mahal Palace, a famous palace on a lake in Jaipur, wants to spread Meraki Cuisine all over India. Will you continue, as here, designing buildings, choosing artifacts, training chefs, and moving places? Ponder it… If you pass through Jaipur, be sure to dine there on the terrace under the stars or, in the meantime, go to the fireplace to get away from it all, and you too, put a little ‘meraki’ in your plates.

Meraki Kitchen

Near civil lines metro station,
Beller No. 88, Ajmer Road, 27 Madrampur, Jaipur
+91 91161 35100

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