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With 80 recipes for typical dishes – green borsch, Kyiv cake, banoche with porcini mushrooms, variniki with fresh smoked cream and all kinds of regional specialties – the book “Ukraine, Cuisine and History”, published by Editions de La Martinière (in bookstores on April 8), He takes us to the heart of the gastronomy of this tragic Eastern European country.

And the first thing that comes to mind, looking at its beautiful and calm white-and-blue cover, is whether it was appropriate to publish this work in the middle of the war, when precisely the Ukrainians, either fled their country, or were just struggling. to eat?

The Editions de La Martinière team apparently asked the question as well, but chose to keep the Edition:

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About a year ago, we started a book project with the Ukrainian Institute and the Ukrainian Embassy dedicated to cooking, as a cultural asset and part of the intangible heritage of Ukraine. Its publication has been planned for the beginning of April for several months and it seems to us more than ever to keep this publication, to support Ukraine, whose courage we appreciate in the face of the indescribable. Besides the values ​​this book defends, we will donate a portion of the profits to humanitarian aid. History rarely meets cookbook. The kitchen is nothing less than an expression of identity. And since we’re just a spokesperson, let’s finish with the words of Olena Brachenko, founder of Yizhakultura Publishing House and co-author of the book: “Food is a language that speaks for us.”

And this language here speaks of an amazing, multicolored and varied cuisine. In fact, the same dish can have different tastes depending on the region in which it is cooked, the climate and ancient technologies. As everywhere, handmade and farm produce is very popular in Ukraine, and techniques for drying, smoking, salting or fermentation have been developed to ensure that they are well preserved.

These dishes reflect part of our gastronomic heritage and these recipes have been tested and improved by chefs to make them accessible to all.

Qeftas, Sarma, Dolmas… Treasures of the Balkans

Here is the recipe for varenyky, a type of semi-circular ravioli:

Varenyky with salted cheese and fresh smoked cream

Varenyky with fresh smoked cheese and cream Oksana Sybydlo

To prepare the dough:

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• 6 cl of milk

• 30 grams of butter

• 3 grams of sugar

• 3 grams of salt

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• 130 grams of wheat flour

• 1 to 2 eggs

Fresh smoked cream :

• 60 g heavy cream

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• 20 grams of bacon or smoked ham

For the filling:

• 200 grams of homemade thick cottage cheese

• 10 grams of fresh dill

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• salt

To prepare the cheese sauce:

• 100 g fat cream 30%

• 20 g hard cheese

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• salt

Start by making fresh smoked cream. Cut smoked ham or bacon into pieces, combine in fresh cream, cover with cling film and let rest for 2 hours in the refrigerator. For the filling, we mix cottage cheese with chopped dill and salt and pass into a blender. For the cheese sauce, heat the cream until it boils, remove from the heat and stir in the grated cheese. Mix with a paddle attachment until you get a homogeneous and thick sauce, salt.

To prepare the dough, boil milk in a saucepan with butter, salt and sugar. Reduce the heat and gradually add half the amount of flour. Stir vigorously with a wooden spoon until you get a lump-free ball and the bottom is lightly covered with a golden layer. Remove from heat and continue mixing. When the dough has cooled to 65-70 ° C, add the eggs one by one. Continue mixing for about 2 minutes, then add the rest of the flour and mix for another 5 minutes. Cover the dough and put it in the fridge for an hour. The dough is taken out of the cold and rolled out to a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. Cut discs using glass. Put one tablespoon of the filling in the center of each disk and stick the frinici like ravioli. We put the phreniki on a wooden board after sprinkling it with flour.

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Cook for 3 to 5 minutes in boiling salted water, until contrast rises to the surface. Divide the varenik among the plates and cover with fresh smoked cream. Pour over cheese sauce.

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You can decorate with cucumber and dill cubes.

Recipe book Ukraine credit Oksana Sybydlo

Recipe book Ukraine credit Oksana Sybydlo

Ukraine, Cuisine and History, Editions de La Martinière, €45 (published on April 8)

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