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Waste cooking oil will be converted into biodiesel


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Posted: Monday December 27, 2021, 4:41 pm

Environment Tandef has launched a used cooking oil recycling service to reduce the negative impact of disposal methods while contributing to a zero-waste future.

In homes, used cooking oil is usually poured down the drain. It stresses plumbing systems, creates clogs, and ultimately leads to expensive and time-consuming maintenance work for municipalities and wastewater treatment companies.

Used cooking oil is disposed of in landfills, generating greenhouse gases. With the new service, Environment Tanfeed is working to meet these challenges while realizing the value from waste cooking oil and accelerating efforts towards a circular economy.

Speaking about the initiative, Khaled Al Huraimel, CEO of Bee’ah Group, said, “We have recognized that the usual way of disposing of used cooking oil has harmful effects on the environment, burdens public infrastructure, inconveniences people in their homes and poses a threat to a good quality of life. At the same time, used cooking oil offers the opportunity to produce sustainable products such as biodiesel. By launching a used cooking oil recycling service, the dredging environment is turning these challenges into an opportunity to achieve a zero-waste future.”

Once collected, Bee’ah Tinder will convert the waste cooking oil into biofuels. In return, the company will use biodiesel to fuel its fleet of waste collection trucks, closing the loop to create a circular economy while greening its operations.

How to benefit from the service:

  • Several used oil collection machines will be placed where community members can deposit used cooking oil into specific bottles provided by a flocculant environment.
  • The collecting machine will also dispense a new empty bottle whenever a bottle is deposited. This makes it easy for people to continue collecting used cooking oil at home soon after they have been deposited in the collecting machine.
  • The machine will also distribute an empty bottle for users to take home with every deposit.
  • Each bottle can hold up to one liter of used cooking oil. The bottles also have a five-year life cycle and can be completely recycled.
  • The first cooking oil collection machine has been installed near the Sharjah National Park car park.
  • All devices will operate 24 x 7 x 365 days.
  • Community members can call 800 TADEEF (826333) to get their first used cooking oil collection bottle.
  • Tandef plans to roll out the assembly machines in more communities in Sharjah and across the country.

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