Velotte heart, farova peanuts

Tell us about your recipe for Velouté Heart, Farova Peanuts…

In France you eat hearts of palm, but only in salads! I was interested in introducing the French to palm hearts! We eat it in pancakes, mashed potatoes, on the barbecue … and even in spaghetti! So, I think this imagination is a fun way to introduce this ingredient so dear to us in Brazil…

It has a sour side when in a jar, but since we add cream and butter to it, it balances out the tastes.

As for the farova, it means the fragile that takes the place of bread! We don’t have wheat in Brazil, but we do have cassava. Farova is our proprietary flour, dried and toasted. They are found everywhere in Brazil and in all regions. The cassava is grated. Starch is collected to make tapioca, juice is also used, and the pulp is dried and roasted to make farruva. In France, we add sauces, we add crispness, quite the opposite! In this recipe, I add panko for extra crispness and peanuts.

Farova Peanuts can be used in any veloute, but also on meat for example.

It is a dish that is rarely found in restaurants, even in Brazil, but it is on the table of all families! Our mother did it really well. It’s a great childhood memory for me and Henrik!

What wine would you suggest with this typical Brazilian dish?

I would suggest a white wine that I find very subtle, which goes well with this dish. It’s Macon Cruzel, aragonite. We are on Chardonnay for this wine produced in Biodynamics. He is very discreet and elegant and will know how to go a little behind to accentuate this velvet.

Is this the kind of recipe you serve at your Odilia restaurant in Lyon?

exactly ! I really like to highlight typical Brazilian recipes, with their ingredients. But I adapt it to French tastes. I often add recipes from Italy, which is where my grandmother Odilia comes from! In the evening, I serve rather creative cuisine, with contributions from all these cultures. And at lunchtime, she recently offered to highlight traditional Brazilian or Italian recipes.

Velotti heart palm, farofa peanuts


2 onions

30 grams of butter (for the flute) + 100 grams of butter for the farro

A sprig of thyme

Few sage leaves

500 ml milk

300 ml fresh cream

2 jars of palm hearts

150 grams fresh cheese

100gm roasted cassava flour

300 grams panko

100gm unsalted peanuts, skinless


Palm hearts cream :

Fry onions in butter over low heat. They should turn blond, but not allow them to color.

Meanwhile, soak fresh sage and thyme, as well as a little pepper, in a mixture of fresh cream and milk.

Strain the infusion through a sieve. Keep only flavored milk. Add it to the onions and add the hearts of palm. Leave it to cook for ten minutes.

Add a spoonful of fresh cheese from Brazil. It can be replaced with mascarpone, laughing cow or any other soft and creamy cheese.

Mix everything.

Add ground pepper and some sage leaves.

– Farova Peanuts :

Fry the butter and panko in a skillet. Stir over very low heat, without stopping. Gently color without leaving it too brown. The mixture should be crunchy.

Add the cassava flour and return to the heat for a few minutes.

Roast the peanuts, then chop.

Combine it all together salt.

Riding :

Garnish with some coriander leaves, chopped chives and green onions.

Written by Jessica Giovannini, Odilia (Leon VII)

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