Verquin: Cedric Dorrez’s daily recipe to be better tomorrow

This Verquin therapist spreads this “happiness and well-being in the present,” and his way, he says, is to have his skin well in three months’ time…

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It is not a book in itself. Rather, a way to “Words of Happiness” by Alan. A freely agreed-upon duty to be done at home every morning and begins with a clear positive thought.

These quotes were borrowed from completely different personalities: Confucius, Goethe, of course, but also Oscar Wilde, Victor Hugo, Churchill, Colucci, Steve Jobs (the most famous founder of Apple) or Walt Disney. ” I’m passionate about psychologyCedric Dorries, a therapist in Positive, Cognitive, and Behavioral Psychology, unfolds. I made a very wide board to get quotes that speak to everyone. »

Look for the positive in itself

His work is on hand, every day he rises with a point. inspiring For everyone, last day, to evaluate the matter and find it. How can it be improved “, to notice his state of mind at the moment T, not forgetting to find something to congratulate yourself or loved ones, because” Glory strengthens the immune system, reduces blood pressure, and reduces pain “, etc.” Every day there is something new and positive The author addresses.

his way? ” It must be repetitive ” Because ” Repetition creates a form of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love And gratitude, the daily reward, will come from a small victory over oneself which will relieve or even make disappear those small or big troubles that complicate life.

In short, you have to know how to be positive! What can be learned by undergoing treatment? But we can use this gratitude journal independently by saying, “I have three months to improve things by focusing on what’s good in my life.”
It is sufficient to give the corpse to Oscar Wilde, who said: ” Love yourself is the beginning of life -long love relationship “.

“Happiness and Well-Being in the Present / Journal of My Gratitude”, by Cedric Dorries, €19. It is for sale with Maya editions or on various platforms on the Internet. Contact: Cédric Duriez,

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