Volkswagen ID.5 GTX test: new look, same recipe

A simple SUV coupe version of the ID.4, ID.5 retains the technical specifications of its twin. We discovered it in the GTX version, the most powerful version of the group.

vw id5 gtx 13 test

Marketing is king. No need to get a master’s degree from a reputable business school to find out, examples are all around us. Even shopping allows you to realize this: How many times have you seen the packaging of the product you buy regularly change, when they are exactly the same? This tendency to modify the container but not the content, the car manufacturers are also guilty of this, which is even more true in the age of electricity. The entire ID range is based on one modular platform, uses the same motors, the same batteries… In short, the shape changes, but the material remains.

So it is not surprising that ID.5 is just an exercise in style based on ID.4, To ride the wave of the super-fast SUV coupe that is proliferating on the market. won the bet? We leave you alone to judge the looks, but let’s confirm it If the number “5” shows a beautiful presence, sometimes it fits strangely depending on the angle from which you look at it, Especially from a three-quarter rear view.

The same

vw id5 gtx 7 trial version

In the cabin, the clever are those who will manage to distinguish ID.5 at first glance … With an equivalent termination, the presentation is exactly the same as that of ID.4! Even the passenger space is the same, down to a millimeter. Good news for those in the second grade, who always benefit from a space And a flat floor. Despite the severed butt, The trunk even allows itself to gain a little volume (549 liters were declared against 543).

For the rest, Volkswagen does not perform miracles and The quality of the finish is just right for a car at this price and this level of the range. It’s a little better in the GTX, which uses exclusive upholstery, rich equipment and a different front bumper than the Pro versions. But it’s not enough to feel like you’re in a luxury car… With its warm, varied interior, Skoda does much better with the Enyaq iV and Enyaq iV Coupé.

There is no athletic desire

vw id5 gtx 3 trial version
test drive vw id5 gtx 1

Don’t misunderstand the name GTX either. Far from being electric GTIs, the ID.5 and ID.4 GTX don’t have any specific chassis-level tuning., which makes it no less heavy and clumsy to drive than other versions in its own range. Do not look for pleasure at the wheel, the latter is absent from subscribers despite the pleasant consistent trend. You can choose between classic suspension, controlled dampers (DCC) or sport suspension with shorter, stiffer springs (-15mm), but in all cases, you end up with Strict, reassuring, not attractive car. In terms of comfort, our test model’s DCC-mounted suspension hung well in road and highway conditions, but hung a bit in the city, on small bumps. Not enough to harass but enough to be noticeable in the passenger compartment, especially at speed bumps which are best approached gently.

vw id5 gtx trial

Given the very quiet road behaviour, one wonders whether it would be more profitable to choose the GTX version with 299 hp and 460 Nm of torque. Granted, the acceleration and pickups are powerful and fun, but Unless you explicitly need all-wheel drive (there are two electric motors, one on each axle), you can also get the 204 hp Pro Performance version. In addition, its maximum autonomy increases from the declared 489 to 513 km according to the WLTP cycle, which is always good to take.

vw id5 gtx 2 trial version

During testing, we averaged 22.8 kWh/100 km using the GTX, with a slightly heavy footing. Enough to theoretically guarantee 337 km of autonomy with the 77 kWh battery, the only battery available on ID.5 while some ID.4 have a smaller 52 kWh battery. For recharging, the ID.5 accepts 135 kW of power in the Pro and Pro Performance versions, and up to 150 kW in the GTX, on compatible terminals.

not given

In the end, ID.5 is not a bad bug, especially in the slightly rewarding GTX version. But it does not stand out from the crowd at all and one wonders why you prefer it over the Skoda Enyaq iV Coupé. Not to mention that it is not presented, because it is necessary to compatibility No less than 59,250 euros (before the state bonus of 1,000 euros) to bear, or all of it 3,550 euros more than ID.4 GTX Equivalent benefits.

Prices and main equipment of the Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

id.5 . price
id.5 gtx equipment

Thanks to friend Mathias and Blog Moteur as well as the irreplaceable Philou for their help with dynamic images.

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