Want beautiful colors on the cheeks? Choose this cream blush recipe, 100% homemade!

Not everyone has the privilege of having fresh, radiant skin every day of the year. In this sense, blush combines many benefits, such as bringing life to tired and dull faces, plumping up cheekbones, purifying a round face, etc. Soft, silky and pretty pink blush is an essential makeup product for your beauty routine. However, the cream version lasts longer than the powder. Thanks to this recipe, make your own homemade mini pink blush, with a creamy texture, to perfect your summer makeup.

Homemade cream blush: ingredients to use

To make your own blush, you can choose the simplified or 100% homemade method. In the first option, you will use a ready-made natural moisturizer (based on aloe vera). However, in the second variant, you will prepare it yourself. If so, you’ll need 5 more ingredients and more prep time. However, the second possibility allows for more customization, since you make the base lotion yourself. Now, here is a comprehensive list of materials needed to prepare cream blush:

  • A teaspoon of shea butter.
  • a teaspoon of vegetable oil emulsifier;
    • A tablespoon of aloe vera gel.
    • spoon or half a teaspoon of cocoa powder;
    • 1 tablespoon or 1/2 teaspoon mica powder of your choice.

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    To replace the first three ingredients, use a tablespoon of natural aloe vera moisturizing cream. Also, 1-2 teaspoons of mineral powder (in the color of your choice) can replace the last two ingredients. Note that in this blush recipe, you are dealing with very thin and light powders. Therefore, work slowly and carefully to avoid inhaling it. If desired, wear a dust mask.

    Homemade Cream Blush: Steps to Follow

    For the simple method, you need to mix the organic mineral powder (mica and cocoa) with aloe vera lotion. This way you get the desired color and consistency. if you choose 2e version, follow these steps:

    • Put the shea butter and vegetable oil emulsion in a saucepan.
    • Gently heat them in the bath of Marie until completely dissolved;
    • Add the aloe vera gel and whisk until the mixture is smooth.
    • Extinguish the fire ;
    • dip the end of a teaspoon into the lotion and wait a few seconds for it to cool;
    • Test the color on your cheek to make sure you get the right shade for your skin tone.

      All you have to do is pour the mixture into an airtight container and let it cool completely. The blush version, both homemade and creamy, stays really good for 3 months.

      Homemade cream blush: 3 practical tips

      By adding colors (mica and cocoa powder) in a ready-made lotion, you will get a very soft and matte blush. Also, you should experiment with tints until you get the desired color.


      Also, the more vegetable wax you put in your homemade blush, the thicker it will be. In order to get a smoother and more delicate mixture, more aloe vera gel should be added.

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      Increasing the amount of mica powder in red tones will result in a more dewy pigment. On the other hand, by adding more cocoa powder or bronze-colored mica, you’ll get a darker blush, which is perfect for a bronzer effect on the cheeks.

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