“We are giving up our CDIs to create a group for beginners in pastry”

Posted on Apr 11, 2022, 7:00 AM

We were born in France to immigrant parents who fled the war in Sri Lanka in 1987. They grew up in a country whose language they did not speak. For them, our social success has depended on education. Throughout our childhood, in Bobigny, in Seine-Saint-Denis, they encouraged us to do well in school and to do long studies to obtain the sacred CDI.

We both have master’s degrees in completely different fields, just like our personalities. Holding a master’s degree in Marketing and Communications from EIML in 2013, Niroshy, the eldest of the family, has held various positions ranging from Marketing Officer to Sales Manager.

Mithula graduated with a master’s degree in finance from Edhec Business School, which has opened doors for large groups such as KPMG or investment bank Société Générale. After an internship in audits and mergers and acquisitions, I left for Miami for two years to work as a financial analyst at Pernod Ricard.

When covid rearranges all cards

During our first booking in March 2020, we wanted to get into the kitchen. We were immersed in the pastry world thanks to our father. Every year, on our birthdays, we have the right to delicious homemade cakes. Strawberry, Charlotte, Mel Fay … the wonderful classics, which have become childhood memories, and which we have always wanted to learn how to make so that we can perpetuate this tradition with our children.

But we soon realized that talent for baking does not pass automatically from father to daughter. To succeed, we had to find the perfect recipe, get the right utensils, and get the right ingredients; It is a time-consuming process that can quickly become costly.

Pastries that were initially meant to be a moment of relaxation and conviviality, ended up becoming a moment of stress and frustration. This is how the idea of ​​a complete set for beginners like us, that would allow you to make good cakes without a fuss, was born. We both quit in the summer of 2020 to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.

From suburb 93 to F . station

The first recipe that we decided to put in a group (food and/or utensils) was the Neapolitan recipe: the famous snack we used to buy in supermarkets. The collection allows you to reproduce this snack in a gigantic format, with ingredients of 100% French quality. For market testing, we made the first kits ourselves in our parents’ garage in November 2020. The whole family got involved!

The first feedback was positive, we took advantage of the year-end festivities to release a second recipe with the Yule Record. Despite our long studies, we didn’t necessarily have all the code we needed to do, nor the network needed to promote and develop Cake Master. So we decided to accompany us in organizing the project and we applied for a free internship offered by Les Déterminés, founded by Moussa Camara.

For six months, we leveraged quality support to build a solid business plan and meet inspiring people. We were honored to present our project to personalities such as Elizabeth Moreno (Minister Responsible for Gender, Diversity and Equal Opportunity), Jean-Laurent Bonnave (General Manager BNP Paribas) or even Catherine Barba (Business Owner).

their idea? A set based on 100% pre-measured French dry ingredients, the right equipment, a simplified recipe sheet, and a video tutorial for making good scones, simply put.Dr

In July 2021, our adventure takes on another dimension: we are one of the ten startups that were selected from hundreds of applications by the incubator Edhec and joined Station F. We were able to realize a bigger dream and develop a true vision for Cake Master. Within six months, we standardized our business model, outsourced our packaging and hired a first person.

Futuristic recipe with Thierry Marks

We currently have five recipes available on our website and subscription offers to receive a set at home every two months. We were able to meet our customers live in many pop-up stores, Christmas markets and an event at the largest Carrefour market in Paris.

Wanting to go further, we set ourselves a new goal of collaborating with a big name in the French pastry industry to prove our credibility. Today, this is an ongoing goal as we are preparing a signature collection with Chef Thierry Marks. A collection that we will be presenting exclusively via a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule at the end of May. »

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