weak. Great family outing on the beach: the recipe for success

Amin is 17 with nostalgia in his eyes as he recalls afternoons from his childhood – “It was great, we made good friends” – at Woippy Plage. And he returned, Sunday, with his family to enjoy the giant barbecue provided by the municipality.

Beverage refrigerators empty quickly, and here we sell not a drop of alcohol, which has not been tolerated on the site since it opened seven years ago. “We think that’s a very good thing, because we know teens that alcohol doesn’t do,” Sandra explains. Like almost every other day, she would take a trip around the lake in the morning with her dog and lay on the beach in the afternoon to “prepare a tan for the holidays.”

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Nicholas and Vito joined her, as he dribbled. They say the water temperature is 27 degrees, “which is also clean.” Courtesy even goes to bathrooms and toilets…

Brokers and Associations

The mayor comes to refresh himself at the bar of Le Lien El Amel. He explained that the six municipal police officers who are on patrol were mobilized because of this particular day. “We have three mediators who step in on the weekends in case of tension, allowing the three rescuers to devote themselves solely to their mission.”

Some associations have managed to organize a refreshment bar or sell a few “handmade” products, such as knitwear for members of the Jeunes de Plus de plus de 60 ans. FC Canebière, or Boule de Woippy, relies on soft drinks and fries to pay for a little gear. These small associations are doing essential work to bring the elderly out of isolation.

Strawberry Regen Soup

The municipality has ordered 30 kilograms of strawberries from Jardins Vitrés de La Maxe. The ADJP60 Association was responsible for turning the fruit into a fresh soup that was distributed free of charge to visitors to the summer Woippy Plage this Sunday. Regine revealed her description to us.

Ingredients A kilo of strawberries, six leaves of basil, a little sugar.

Prepare Mix half of the strawberries and chop the other half finely. Mix them together and sprinkle with sugar. Finely chop the basil leaves (or mix with strawberries).

the trick : Leave to thicken for 48 hours in the refrigerator. The soup tastes very fresh.

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