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Feria de Dax 2022: edited version

For Feria’s return, Dacquois was there and festivals came from afar as well. Attendance was good, despite the heat wave in the first two days

So the city councilor complied to stress the very good crowds that Feria has just seen, the first after two versions of scarcity due to Covid-19. We used to say we are about 800,000 people but an exact number cannot be given. With regard to the feel of cafeterias, restaurants, bodegas, estanquet, and associations, in the world found in animation, concerts, parades, as well as in plazas, we can nonetheless say that we are on the same level of luxury as the previous editions,” he said.

Magic and deception in the arenas

Before discussing the security and suppression numbers, Julian Dubois followed up on the very positive statements about attendance in the yards during these five days. With 12 shows, less than in 2019, 60,526 tickets were sold, compared to 54,965 three years ago. The same sense of satisfaction from the bullfight with 3.18% more tickets sold than in 2019, three of which took place in front of a full arena, on August 13, 14 and 15. The Landes competition also saw an increase in attendance of 6.21%,” he explained with humor.

The only slight negative point: the horse condor show. “It’s a little disappointing. With 1,092 paid tickets sold, this is a little less than we expected,” admitted Julien Dubois.

Ten sting complaints

The mayor thanked the various sections of the city, as well as the three committees – Folk Festivals, Bullfighting and the Landis Course – as well as the municipal police, who moved at least 300 poorly equipped tents and also performed decibel checks throughout the party.

Having restored the microphone, the Wali, in turn, praised the work of the various forces deployed: the police, the gendarmerie, the CRS, and the private security. “The anticipation and the general reaction allowed all the feasts to have a wonderful holiday. The device of the cameras allowed a general view of the land and that the battles were quickly directed. At the front of the pitting, 20 traces were observed, which is minimal considering the crowds. Ten followed by a presentation,” said Françoise Taheri. complaint”.

These numbers are very small for blood alcohol tests while driving, with 35 positive points out of 1060 and 6 drug driving procedures performed. Finally, food safety checks made it possible to exclude about twenty paninis for which the cold chain had been broken. On the police side, Commissioner Uriel Ketcha noted that 84 complaints were lodged during the Feria fair, “many of them for lost or stolen phones.” The police also made 126 arrests and managed to break into a car in the vicinity of the party by an alcoholic who was no longer able to find his way.

“Quiet celebrations”

“This little miracle of a beautiful and peaceful holiday, we are truly indebted to the general coordination of all the actors, as well as to the spirit of the current festivals, welcomed Aude Le Hérissier, Deputy Public Prosecutor of Dax. I would also like to pay tribute to the commitment of the Emergency and Forensic Department of the Dax Hospital, which we know The very deteriorating conditions they work in. The Victims Aid Society was on the bridge as well and these are the things that reassure the residents, just like the system that has been put in place around the phenomenon of stings.”

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