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Raclette – that cheese that perfumes the whole living room and then carelessly flows onto our plate, these potatoes waiting to be peeled, these jerkins that add to the party and that glass of wine that cheers up the most joyful meal, and is also a favorite dish of the French.

Spring is here but also cold and snow, good reason to take out (if you’ve put them away) your device and mugs and invite your family or friends. at HuffPost As at home, Raclette, we love her more than anything. We value it with all its traditions but also love to change it up, question it, and push it to its limits!

What ingredients should I buy and in what quantity? What recipes do you choose to diversify the pleasure? How do you improve your digestion (hard, we won’t lie to each other)? All these questions we asked ourselves and All the answers are compiled into this file which is the ultimate guide to the raclette.

Before the roller: choosing the right components

Five alternatives to raclette

Raclette cheese is good, but cheese is good. So why aren’t pleasures different? For this “taste of collapse”, HuffPost Went to a cheese dairy for advice on the best alternatives to traditional raclette.

Here are some recipe ideas so you can impress your friends.
Here are some recipe ideas so you can impress your friends.

Tonight’s vegan raclette! Raclette what?! But does this mean that there will be no sausage?

Don’t panic: it’s totally possible. It is very good and easy to prepare. Moreover, it appears that the original recipe for the raclette consisted only of a mixture of cheese to be scraped and potatoes. The association with charcuterie has been emerging recently, with our appliances consisting of berths and basins.

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Calculate the ideal amount of raclette components

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Do you always buy a lot of potatoes or a lot of cheese for your raclette and you are “forced” to eat it the next day? Don’t panic, this site has found a solution. Raclette. The world’s first “ingredient quantity calculator” for this dish.

The joke of the founders of the site, “post-quantum artificial intelligence” can help you calculate the amount of ingredients to buy according to the number of people. It allows you to choose the ingredients you want to put on your plate, decide whether you are very hungry or not, and above all the number of people who will eat with you.

➡️ Calculate here the right amount of ingredients for your raclette

What do you drink with raclette? You will not like the answer

"In Haute-Savoie and Switzerland, there is a real debate about the best drink to enjoy with the famous cheese."

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“In Haute-Savoie and Switzerland, there is a real debate about the best drink you can taste with the famous cheese.”

Raclette cheese: It’s good. Potatoes: They’re good, too. Charcuterie: We have everything you need. It remains to buy the best drink to accompany the winter dish. And there, you may be completely wrong.

white wine? or red? water? To sublimate the raclette (and better digest), the ideal drink isn’t the one that first comes to mind.

Replace the raclette with an omelette

A good raclette that is not difficult to digest is not a suitable raclette. Sure, but to avoid limiting scores in the winter, it’s a good idea to occasionally dare to change and switch to recipes that are a little lighter. That’s what we decided to do, at the risk of offending even the most fundamentalist among you.

To help us crack the codes, we took a look at the book high mopWritten by Jennifer and Arnaud Favre, with support by Pierre Creboud and Dorian Rollin. While reading, we found a recipe with an omelette.

➡️ Watch the raclette-omelet recipe video here

Raclette without potatoes is possible, and the proof is with this avocado recipe

Despite the many alternatives to traditional raclette cheese or special flavors, you can quickly spin in circles when trying different types of raclette. What new things to try when you’ve already tasted it all?

To help us with this culinary grilling, Jennifer and Arnaud Favre, backed by Pierre Creboud and Dorian Rollin, share their best ideas for a good meal around the raclette, but don’t do it. in their book high mopThey notably share a recipe with this famous cheese and avocado. In the face of gluttony, HuffPost’s life Unavailable can not resist.

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Raclette de la Mer is also there, and you have to do it

Why should we be fanatical when it comes to raclette? Why not “give the product a chance”, as the saying goes? There is sea raclette or north raclette. This is a job. We can be amazed at it, influenced by it, and also criticize it.

➡️ Make your own decisions about seafood raclette

Raclette burger-style recipe for a change

We love raclette. We love burgers. Why not combine the two?! With this new episode of “Surprised Taste”, the recipes of stars from social networks made under realistic conditions, HuffPost Discover a dish that revisits this coveted dish: the raclette burger.

As you can see in the video, we followed the instructions on the Marmiton website for a meal for four. As for the traditional recipe, it is necessary to bring potatoes, cheese, charcuterie (we took ham) and pickles. Realization is very fast, you can count about forty minutes.

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After the roller: Eat well and start again

A survival guide on raclette digestion

When your digestive system sees this mop, maybe you're concerned, you can help it.

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When your digestive system sees this mop, maybe you’re concerned, you can help it.

Our body does not need treatment to get rid of toxins, it knows very well how to clean its interior. That doesn’t mean you should put a blaster in its wheels, however. When we sit down to eat the raclette, the combination of foods results in a cocktail of the very heavy kind.

To the question “How is our gut able to digest so much fat, salt, and ethanol at the same time?” Science doesn’t have an exact answer yet. But there are elements to the answer, particularly with regard to foods eaten alone.

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When you start a game of raclette, you won’t be sure how much to buy. Obviously, we want to make sure everyone has enough to eat. But we often have eyes that are larger than our stomachs.

Between pasta with leftover raclette and bruschetta, here are 3 recipes from food bloggers that will help you not waste leftovers…without having to re-shoot a little raclette.

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