We’re in the studio preparing the best rap album of the year, says the game

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The Game and Kanye West released their new song “Easy”. During the single, West made his feeling known as Pete Davidson through the lyrics, “God saved me from falling apart, just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

West also let it be known that “I bring nothing to the table when I am the able table.”

After the song fell, Wack 100 was in the Clubhouse in the Trollz Nation room. When some asked him if he thought these were Yi’s most difficult poems in his career.

“I will not say [that]Walk 100 said.

He added, ‘Donda 2 isn’t turbulent either. He doesn’t play there.”

Wack was later asked to share his view on the song.

“I haven’t slept in 30 hours. I’ve been with this ***. You know the poster told me I had to wait ten days. So when I called them yesterday, and said they had to go up on Friday at that point, I called the wife around eight Evening, and we went to work. Mommy *** wasn’t digested until 6 this morning. At that point, I had to work my magic and had to connect to Spotify and radio stations and do it all myself.”

The game also jumped to Clubhouse and saw support for the new song.

“We are in the studio. You, the single, but know that doesn’t stop. He said we’re in the studio doing the best rap album of the year

“No cap I’m not playing n*** this year. I ain’t talkin’, I ain’t humble, I’m killing n****. We’re in a different territory now. Oh man, he’ll tell you ‘wack’. I’m back to work, But here I am burning.”

Later in the conversation, music video and movie director Benny Boom jumped into the room and it looks like he’s going to be the one filming the music video for “Easy.”

“That’s crazy! This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I’m listening and I hear someone say it and I’d like to call Game, and see what happens. Let’s see, if Mr. Jones will let me make the video,” Bom said.

Apparently, Boom owes Game and his camp a video anyway, according to Wack 100.

“I don’t think of a video just to be honest with you. Just enjoy the record and just enjoy how abused it is. With Game, I always sit with him and think and talk through the records. When we make videos together, we only talk through concepts and things.”

The next step looks like they’re trying to hook Kanye West to the idea. We’ll have to wait for what happens next.

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