What do you cook on the weekend after Thanksgiving?

There are some people who collapse on the couch after Thanksgiving and don’t wake up for hours or even days. Then there are the people who treat the entire weekend as a cooking-and-baking marathon, using up leftovers and turning straight into cookie baking. (Speaking of: Sign up for The Daily Cookie, our new pop-up baking newsletter, to get a new cookie recipe every day in December through Christmas.)

We’ve got recipes for both camps below: dinners that are totally simple and light to make things easier, plus a recipe for leftovers that’s a little more complicated than putting them in the microwave for enthusiastic chefs. We have a festive Hanukkah moment too. Tell me what kind of recipes you’re looking for, or what you’ve made this week. I’m dearemily@nytimes.com, and I’d love to hear from you.

Impress the Gen Zers in your life by making this recipe, aka feta pasta that has gone viral on TikTok. That recipe called for baking cherry tomatoes and feta, then tossing them with boiled pasta. Melissa Clark simplifies it by cooking pasta directly in that skillet in the oven.

This easy and delicious dish from Ali Slagle is perfect for the week after Thanksgiving: The quick brightening of oranges and grapefruits is a good turn off for stuffing and potatoes. This is also cute enough to give to any family or friends hanging out.

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This recipe from Kay Chun is another easy post-Thanksgiving winner. displays soft tofu, which is steamed over bok choy; Ginger and tahini sauce tie it all together, for a simple yet sweet meal. Make a pot of rice to fit if you’d like.

Last year, on the first night of Hanukkah, I made this latex from Joan Nathan and served it for dinner with smoked salmon, sour cream, and a salad on the side. It was great. The word “pure” in the name implies that there are no other ingredients: it is made with only potatoes, salt and pepper. For a more traditional latke, I recommend this five-star recipe from Melissa Clark.

Watch this recipe.

This is one of the best uses of leftover Thanksgiving turkey that I know of: a play on pho gà, the classic Vietnamese chicken stew, from Samin Nosrat. Aromatic broths, chewy noodles and fresh herbs are heaven together. If you’ve made turkey broth, this is the place to use it.

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