What if Spotify becomes the new Marmiton?

(ETX Daily Up) Isn’t music the best companion when it’s time to go behind the stove? Now she can do even better by giving us all the recipe instructions. All you have to do is borrow the appropriate song titles to create a playlist that acts as a sequence. The idea is as crazy as it is cool!

A picture, a list of ingredients, a set of instructions and maybe some preparation tips… Recipes always follow the same red thread to provide you with the best way forward for the success of the dish in question. You might have thought it was impossible to revolutionize this format, but that was without relying on audio…

In the same way that cooking site Marmiton has upset the established order in terms of sources for finding recipes by cluttering everyone’s notebooks, Spotify can also — on a smaller scale — update their reading. One American user enjoyed his Kimchi Fried Rice recipe leak using just the right song titles so we can understand step by step.

Revealed by Today Media, this playlist links musical genres, from piano solos to the more exciting Metallica bands. Simply read (in English) vertically each heading to understand what to do. And we’re aware that the Anglo-Saxon musical repertoire is full of songs with exciting names: from Chance the Rapper’s track “Goose” to the incredible collaboration between Bob Marley and his Jamaican reggae band The Wailers, “Stir It Up.” Sometimes, artists put their feet on the plate. directly using an ingredient as their tube title.This is the case of K-Pop group BTS, with the song “Butter” (Butter in English), but also “Sugar” by Maroon 5 or even “Milk” by English pop rock band The 1975.

The result was frankly hilarious and playful and we can kill two birds with one stone by following a recipe that also serves as the background for our cooking workshop…

The first recipes of this kind were born during the first confinement period when clever little men enjoyed revealing a banana bread recipe by just drawing from song titles to build instructions.

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