What is it about? Can it be consumed without risk? Additional recipe!

While most of us think of them as fruits, tomatoes are also a wonderful vegetable. Besides being foods rich in vitamins and minerals, they are incredibly easy to grow. In addition, their performance can no longer be demonstrated. However, it is unpleasant to have to deal with green collars on tomatoes. Discover here our helpful tip to avoid this inconvenience that may disrupt your crops in the future.

What is a green collar?

Green collar on tomato plants is a physiological disorder characterized by discoloration of the subcutaneous areas, affecting the quality of the fruits. Greenery is not late in maturation but is a real disease that affects the affected tissues. Also, green collars on tomatoes are not always present in all fruits. Rest assured, this phenomenon is not caused by any parasite, but by a physiological response to the conditions of the culture in question. In general, if the fruits are exposed to a lot of sunlight, a lot of water is poured and fertilized with a high nitrogen content, this phenomenon increases. The outer fruit is generally affected by strong sunlight. To reduce damage, use hardy varieties and avoid over-watering. Do the same, avoiding excessive exposure and nitrogen-rich fertilizers. As such, we recommend using a special fertilizer for tomatoes: nettle porridge or homemade comfrey will allow you to get an excellent harvest. If the sun is too aggressive, shade the perennials and do not remove the outer leaves. In addition, be sure to reduce the amount of irrigation water. Some items such as morningThe Piccolino or the Dolce Vita Green collar is rarely affected.

Green tomatoes for consumption 2022

Is it dangerous to eat green tomatoes?

Like eggplant, peppers or potatoes, green tomatoes contain solanine, a toxin that gave its name to this plant family, the Solanaceae. Solanine is a glycoalkaloid, toxic to humans at a dose of 1 mg per kilogram of body weight. After ingestion, the following symptoms appear after 2 to 20 hours: tremor, dizziness, headache, hallucinations, intestinal disturbances such as vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain. But the first sensation is a burning sensation in the mouth or throat when swallowing.

For tomatoes, solanine is present in all its aerial parts: leaves, stems, fruits. Moreover, it is not the only glyco alkaloid found in tomatoes, there are also tomatoes. Thus, it is these two substances that give this slightly bitter smell to the leaves and stems of tomatoes. If at the time of consumption you feel bitterness and a feeling of irritability, be careful. Be aware that tomatine gradually disappears during the ripening process and that ripe fruits no longer contain it. The unripe fruit contains it, but the amount varies depending on the variety and rate of ripening. Fortunately, there are very few cases of green tomato poisoning, and these cases are specific. Moreover, in some countries, green tomatoes are the main ingredient in recipes. Similarly, some tomato varieties remain green when ripe, such as green zebraThe green cherokee or even Hui green.

Green tomato collars: what are the possible recipes?

2022 Green tomato ketchup

First, here’s a trick for ripening green tomatoes quickly by placing them next to the apples. These actually emit large amounts of ethylene, the molecule that causes fruit to ripen. Contrary to popular belief, green tomatoes are not that toxic. Thus, it is good for consumption and allows you to prepare delicious recipes when you have a bountiful harvest. As such, have you ever tried green tomato sauce? We offer you our recipe? there he is :

  • Wash the green tomatoes and cut them into slices
  • Also cut onions
  • Put the tomatoes in a colander for an hour with coarse salt
  • Rinse and describe

To finish, all you have to do is put the tomatoes and onions in a saucepan with 500g of white wine vinegar and 500g of sugar. Also add:

  • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • 2 teaspoons of turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of ginger

Simmer over low heat until thickened, then pour into sterilized jars. Finally, have fun!

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