What is the summer menu for a romantic dinner?

Aphrodisiac foods

Since the dawn of history, cooking and love have always been closely related. Many foods, such as cocoa, oysters or ginger, have been recognized for their aphrodisiac properties, allowing among other things to increase desire. Some aphrodisiac foods also had their reputation originating from the Aztec civilizations, or more recently during ancient Greece. So look no further, for a meal in love, we turn to these to make sure the passion is there.

Show no less important

At the table, in addition to candles, romantic music in the background, or rose petals by the thousands, we care about serving our dishes. It’s an important step when it comes to satisfying you and your significant other. In contrast to large family meals, we focus on recipes presented in individual portions, which certainly require more work in terms of presentation, but thus indicate a real effort. This is a small, thoughtful touch that will make a big difference.

The perfect summer menu for a romantic dinner

As a beginner, let yourself be drawn to the tart tatin of cherry tomatoes and ricotta ice cream. An easy-to-make recipe, but one that will surely impress your partner, thanks to the hot and cold mix, which is out of the ordinary, as well as the original yoghurt ice cream. Not forgetting the red color, which is the color of love and passion par excellence, and this is absolutely true, because most seasonal produce such as cherry tomatoes radiate their scarlet hue. When serving, top each plate with a slice of pie along with a scoop of ricotta ice cream, for a more special and thoughtful look.

As a main course, head to Dolce Vita with this Italian staple: linguine with vongole. Shells and crustaceans have been on the list of aphrodisiacs since the dawn of history, due to their symbolic appeal and nutritional composition. And what could be more romantic than a trip to southern Italy on the theme of La Dolce Vita? The leading dish of summer, pasta with vongole is a bonus, very easy to prepare. Do not forget to pre-filter the oysters – the day before or a few hours before the meal, in a basin of salted water.

As for dessert, it’s impossible to talk about sweets without mentioning Cupid’s favorite food: chocolate, of course! An aphrodisiac since the Aztec civilization, this time it is available in a light mousse based on whipped cream. Again, we think about preparing everything in advance, so that the mousse can spend about 4 hours in the refrigerator before tasting. On the display side, you can put everything into individual vines, or simply insert a small amount into a bowl, or onto a plate, which you dress nicely with a piping bag.

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