What is thermostat 5?

Many recipes recommend preheating the oven to thermostat 5 without telling you the exact cooking temperature. In fact, each specific oven thermostat number corresponds to the cooking temperature in degrees. Do you want to know the meaning of thermostat 5 and the temperature it corresponds to? Find all relevant information here.

What is the role of the thermostat in the oven?

The oven thermostat It is the compact device that allows the oven to be set automatically and maintained at a certain temperature. So it is used for temperature regulation Cook meals and avoid them Danger of overheating. The thermostat is often controlled by a rotary switch on the front of the unit.

It can be adjusted to different levels, each corresponding to a heating temperature specific. The temperature to which the oven must be brought to cook the dish is indicated on a scale from 1 to 10.

All you have to do is direct the thermostat control to the level indicated in the coil Recipe to prepare your dish. However, some modern ovens It features a digital readout and makes the scale retro.

What temperature does the 5 thermostat correspond to?

All thermostat bearing corresponds to a certain temperature. The oven will still heat up constantly when the temperature indicated by the thermostat is reached. It is not always easy to remember the temperature of each oven thermostat number. Therefore, the recipes in which the file cooking temperature It is indicated in Celsius or Fahrenheit It can quickly become a real headache.

Fortunately, a correlation table It is designed for this purpose to facilitate converting thermostats In degrees (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and vice versa. Thanks to this table, you can clearly read that the file Thermostat 5 equals 150°C (300°F, medium oven).

You may need toParity in degrees Another thermostat step. To that end, you can use a little trick as a memory aid to make all the thermostat conversions in degrees Celsius. This simply consists of Multiply by 30 thermostats To convert.

So thermostat 2 Corresponds to 2 x 30 = 60 degrees Celsius! Using this fairly basic calculation, you can quickly determine which cooking temperature which thermostat number corresponds to. On the contrary, it is necessary Divide the temperature in degrees Celsius by 30 To find the corresponding thermostat level.

regarding degrees Fahrenheitthey develop at levels 50 out of 100 degrees Fahrenheit Thermostat 1 equals 100 degrees Fahrenheitthat 2 equals 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and so on. In this case, if you want to determine the thermostat corresponding to the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit for the recipe, you have to do a little math. must first Subtract 50 . from this temperature and then Divide the result obtained by 50.

For example, the foreign recipe recommends a Bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for example. for Adjust your thermostatjust do (300-50) / 50 or 5. You should then set the oven to Thermostat 5 for a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is different conversion techniques Apply equally with a electronic thermostat only with a mechanical thermostat. However, it is always recommended to heat the oven Before cooking and set it to the appropriate temperature, about fifteen minutes in advance.

What are the nuances to consider regarding oven heat?

It may happen that one of the recipes advises you to cook your dish in a “hot oven” or in a “warm oven”. To comply with this recommendation, it is necessary to understand the nuances between a lukewarm ovenMedium, hot and very hot. In fact, the oven:

  • lukewarm corresponds to the thermostat 1 of 30 ° C;
  • soft correspond to thermostats 2,3 and 4 (in increasing order of softness);
  • The medium is obtained in the thermostat 5 and 6;
  • Hot is obtained between levels 7, 8 and 9;
  • Hot corresponds to the thermostat 10.

Note that the thermostat is 5 or medium oven corresponds to a slow cooking (Just like a thermostat 4). Moreover, it is necessary Correctly adjust the thermostat from the oven according to Indicate cooking temperature in the recipe.

What type of dish for a 5 thermostat oven?

Many recipes can be made at 150°C or at thermostat 5. However, the cooking time varies from dish to dish. recipe for Grilled chicken with lemon and thyme It requires 2 to 3 hours of cooking the chicken while a fish slices It takes about 35 minutes.

So the recipe for fish fillets in a 5 oven thermostat is a Quick recipe. At thermostat 5, the fish fillets hold them the taste And do not dry out. It is possible to add small vegetables to perfect the taste of the dish.

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