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Fresh Burritos Dare Limited Edition CBD guacamole! – Pomme de pain reveals its new Spring-Summer 2022 menu – Côté Sushi Hanami celebrates with new spring creations

Fresh Burritos Dare Limited Edition CBD guacamole!

A new recipe for guacamole, the brand’s flagship product and Mexican cuisine, arrives in Fresh Burritos with this limited-edition “guacamole with CBD.” On the menu, the sweet and creamy flavor of avocado, combined with the pronounced and vegetable taste of CBD … Until April 4, for an additional € 1.00, customers of the chain will be able to choose this very trendy guacamole in the restaurant. With burritos or nachos. A pure relaxing moment to spend during your meal, with an original, delicious and festive recipe in keeping with the brand’s DNA: fresh and fun. This recipe will be perfectly suited for vegetarians, with avocado, lemon, fresh tomatoes and jalapeno peppers as well as CBD blossoms certified (<0.3% THC) according to European legislation.

Pomme de pain reveals its new Spring-Summer 2022 menu

Specializing in made-to-order sandwiches, Pomme de Pain has just added, to mark its new spring and summer menu, 4 delicious new recipes that will be available starting April 7. Remember, since September 2021, the chain has chosen to test the Nutri-Score on all of its recipes. A generalized approach now in all its restaurants with a logo installed on its communication media (menus, product labels, etc.) making it possible to know the nutritional values ​​of each recipe. Thus, brand customers will be able to choose the new Louisian (baguette, grilled chicken, marinated carrot, arugula, BBQ sauce) or Brooklyn (Morrisset bread, pulled pork, pickled red cabbage, arugula, BBQ sauce) but also L’Unique Made with salty puff pastry (with ham, mozzarella, mixed mayonnaise and tomato), not forgetting the new Scandinavian salad made of quinoa and bulgur with smoked salmon, pickled red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, salad and homemade croutons with lemon cheese. Two seasonal recipes are also back on the menu: the mozzarella sandwich and the mozzarella salad. Two vegan recipes will also be served with the Country Sandwich in Carrot and Seed Bread or Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk and Pineapple Cole. Finally, we will mention other creations to join the Spring Summer 2022 menu such as the chocolate chip twist, the chocolate and almond tartlet, the cocoa cake with white chocolate chips or even the summer drinks.

Côté Sushi celebrates Hanami with new spring creations

In a limited edition since March 29, Côté Sushi takes its customers to Japan for traditional Hanami, a springtime ritual that sees Japanese flock to parks and gardens to contemplate cherry blossoms. Inspired by these pastel colors and this freshness, the brand’s chef has thought of 4 surprising new recipes. We can cite the fondant kawa 2, which is a maki that combines raspberries, salmon and fresh cheese, marinated with a choli of red beets with ginger and topped with a thin slice of pink radish. The Garden Tokyo surrounded by a treviso leaf and sprinkled with white sesame seeds, topped with salmon heart, fried eggplant, and aji miso sauce. Salmon sushi, glazed with teriyaki sauce before snacking, is topped with red shiso. Finally, the Haru salad is rich in color thanks to a mixture of radicchio, seasoned red cabbage, pink radish, and carrot, seasoned with vinegar and mashed with berries.

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