When recipes from the East meet ingredients from Finistere

hybrid place burek bristois It just opened its doors in the Cité du Ponant a few months ago. It invites you to taste the exotic recipe of borek, revisited with ingredients from the region. It is more than just a restaurant, it also sells books by local and independent authors. A family business intends to awaken the neighborhood of San Martin!

Saint Martin, wake up! After long tram station works, this area Brest Slowly emerging from his long slumber, young entrepreneurs open a shop in hopes of reviving life in the neighborhood. This is the caseAlexander Miodka young chef who opened last February with his mother Valerie MiodkAnd the burek bristois. In a “tropical baroque” setting, this new restaurant invites you to sample borek with local flavours!

But why dedicate a restaurant to this Turkish recipe? It all started when Alexander Miodk He was still a coast guard on the pink granite coast of Blumanakah. It was there that he first tasted borek, which soon became one of his favorite dishes. It is relatively easy to make, then wonder why no one is in Brest Not in the kitchen. Especially since the possibility of making it from organic products or local producers is safe. That’s all it took for him to decide to embark on a family adventure and independent business.

burek bristois
Alexander Miodkone of the founders burek bristoisInvites your taste buds to discover a new cuisine!

away from arranged tables, burek bristois It welcomes you in the relaxed atmosphere of a tropical lounge, where you can meet ten on couches or in smaller numbers under a familiar pergola. In the list, of course, the bureks are the stars! Wheat flour pancakes mixed with milk, butter and spices, available in several recipes: traditional spinach borek feta; Another for goat enthusiasts. The third with bacon. a vegetarian whose vegetables change with the seasons; But also more atypical recipes like seaweed feta! I work with Algo’manneProducer BLOODALMIZOThis recipe blends different types of seaweed for a combination of colours, flavors and textures that pair well with feta.

burek bristois
Böreks to your liking © Le Biorek Brestois

But some products are simply favorites that can’t be found anywhere else! on me Brestso it is only in burek bristois that you will discover Bull dragonA natural energy drink, flavored with hibiscus blossoms, cloves, and tea or ginger spices, pepper and lemon. Thirsty and thirsty rejoice! Brest Purik Not lacking in imagination either in terms of alcoholic perversions! In particular, it offers son of appleIt is a great example of the original apple juice as it is infused with yuzu and basil. As for the digestive system, it’s time Warenghem Distillery To surprise you, straight from LanionA delicious artisanal liquor with frosted mint.

burek bristois

As I understand, one of the obligations burek bristois It is to generalize as much as possible to an economy other than a mass distribution economy. The restaurant obtains vegetables from an organic cooperative in Lyon countrycomes from bacon Kirino’s halls Milk comes from Traun Behanthe last urban farm in Brest. As for mochis with lemon ice cream, and Japanese rice dough cakes, they are homemade by famous ice cream maker Brest. Gamby. Finally, to reach the end of its approach, the restaurant never serves its meals via mainstream platforms, but rather offers its services Brestois couriersa bike delivery service that pays its employees in a more equitable manner.

burek bristois

Not content with restoring tummies, Brest Purik He also sells spiritual food, since his co-founder, Valerie MiodkHe is also a novelist! So his works, and those of local authors and other authors can be found on a small shelf at the entrance to the institution.

As mentioned earlier in this article, Saint-Martin is slowly but surely regaining its former eruption. in this subject, burek bristois Not the only one who wants to revitalize the area. The pizzeria has just been created Grandpa Pizza for ChefsBeside’OctopusA bakery that serves vegan pastries. Not to mention the new game bar chicken shark It opened about a month ago on De Glasgow Street. A trend that promises to spend more beautiful evenings in the Latin Quarter of Brest.

Practical information

burek bristois welcomes you Brest to me 20 Charles Berthelot Street From Tuesday to Thursday from 11:30 am to 2 pm and from 7 pm to 9:30 pm, from Friday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 2 pm and from 7 pm to 10 pm, and finally on Sunday from 7 pm to 9:30 evening. Closed on Monday.

Website: https://lebiorekbrestois.webador.fr/

Tel: 02 30 13 02 17

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