Which onion for which recipe? How to choose it well

In cooking, onions are one of the most widely used (and most expensive) ingredients. In fact, it is not a single and unique food, but several types of onions have their own cooking methods and flavors.

What is the difference between white, yellow and red onions…?

In general, the softer the onion, the faster it cooks (this principle applies to all foods). In practice, things are not so simple. There are actually five main types of onions used in cooking. In addition to their different appearance, each of them improves the taste of our dishes in its own way.

yellow onion

Yellow onions, white on the inside and brown on the outside, are perhaps the most common onions in France. It has a fairly short cooking time and caramelizes very easily. In fact, it is often described as an “all-purpose” onion. If in doubt, this is the option to turn to as it is the safest option. The longer you cook yellow onions, the sweeter they will taste. Yellow onions are the perfect food for stews, soups, gravies, sauces, meat dishes, or homemade pies and pizza.

sweet onion

Visually similar to yellow onions, sweet onions are also white on the inside but have a lighter outer layer than their counterpart. With a very pronounced taste, it is used in recipes where the main food is onion pancakes or even onion soup. They are also found in fried dishes, as they are easily cooked in a frying pan.

red onion

With their light flavor and shiny appearance, red onions are almost designed to be eaten raw! In fact, it slips perfectly into any salad, sandwich, homemade hamburger, or guacamole and brightens up our plates in the blink of an eye thanks to its catchy purple reflections. Beware, however, who dares cook it, which will give onions less juicy, with a toned down flavor. Also, red onions are perfectly prepared in homemade pickles.

white onion

A very small white onion is the crunchiest of the family. More commonly found in Mexican cuisine, it enhances cold dishes like sauce, thanks to its slightly spicy flavour.

green onion

Green onions are widely used in Asian and Latin American cuisine. It has a very mild flavour, which stands out a little at the ends (the white parts). They are found in both cooked and raw preparations, such as salads, or in homemade pasta for example.

The best types of onions according to my recipes

Which onions for a raw recipe?

If yellow onions are a safe bet going ubiquitous, red onions remain a staple in raw recipes. We choose it for its light flavor, and its beautiful violet color that puts you in a good mood. You can also opt for white onions, with their crunchy texture and slightly spicy flavour, which will wow any dish in no time.

What onions for a recipe with frying?

Sweet onions are the perfect food when it comes to frying them in a pan, with vegetables for example, or even covered in breadcrumbs for irresistible pancakes. Thanks to their quick cooking, yellow onions are another option that works perfectly, especially when it comes to caramelizing.

Which onions do you cook?

Yes, you will have recognized him. For boiled dishes, yellow onions are obviously used, all-purpose. We put it without hesitation in beef bourguignon, stew, tagine or tagine.

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