Who stole the Cassoulet Ancestral Recipe from Castelssoulet?

Castelssoulet, another world capital of Cassoulet, victim of the theft of the century. Any resemblance to… is purely coincidental.

The whole of France is in shock, and France is afraid … The famous cassoulet recipe was stolen during a robbery of the Presidial building where it has been jealously guarded since 1355, when it was boiled by the residents to hold out when the city was besieged by the Black Prince and the English … The recipe is yes , but not only. At the Cassoulet factory, a shipment of ingots was stolen; Elsewhere, all meat is furthermore, in the refrigerators of the person in question. On top of that, the canmaker was stripped of his precious vessels. It’s dangerous. Change the recipe? Without a doubt. “It is our brand, our pride, our honor,” indignant Sylvester Dugino, himself a manufacturer and victim of horrific criminals … An investigation has been opened by BRAC, a research brigade of cassoulet ingredients, coming straight from Paris. Flash TV, Special Edition… Everyone is invited to watch and lock up beans, sausages, and sweets. “Because it doesn’t just happen to others.” And we go off for 1.5 hours of gags, delicious puns that follow each other to make your head spin.

“Operation Castelssoulet” is the play by the Compagnie du bois d’Arbre at the heart of the festival. They are very well written, very funny, very well acted, and surprise audiences with having just as much fun as the actors during rehearsals. Good show in party tone. We launched a few well-deserved and felt spades in Aveyronnais who submitted their appellation of origin name to INPI, the National Institute of Industrial Property. Moreover, what if they were the culprits in this outrageous theft? After all, we only lend to the rich.

The culprit is not who you think

Finally, the well-conducted investigation shows it to be a blow to the English, who are disappointed to leave France without the famous recipe and who, my faith, since Brexit, will see themselves embarking on the preparation of the divine dish. complaint against the UK and we will take the opportunity to settle the accounts.

The funniest part of the story is an incredible coincidence. During confinement, in the form of a television series, the story was actually written even when the Great Brotherhood of Cassoli was fighting against the industrialist Aveyron who registered the name Cassole de Castelnaudari. They say it’s no coincidence…

Gladys Kitschkov

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