Why and how + 1 original recipe for raspberry mousse to taste!

Raspberries are shrubs with small fruits. To our delight, both types of raspberries reproduce naturally by developing suckers. And that is, even if they are very far from the mother’s foot. Thus, cutting the berries is an excellent way to increase the number of plants. However, you will need to be patient in hopes of enjoying a new fruit hedge. Since raspberries are strong in nature, this type of reproduction has long been proven. Let’s see together how to proceed this winter, which is the perfect time to do this process. Follow the guide!

What is the berry season?

From July to September, it’s berry season! Raspberries, plain or cooked, have well-established benefits. also named Ida BrambleThe berry, according to legend, was one of the favorite fruits of the gods of Olympus. Today there are many types of berries. Some, stronger than others, allow cultivation until the first frost. In France, korese is the queen of growing this red fruit. For more than 50 years, the commercial harvest has continued to grow. to delight consumers. However, due to their fragility, raspberries require a lot of maintenance so they can provide the fleshy fruits with velvety flesh.

Here, we have no intention of reminding you of the benefits of gardening, but it is clear that cutting berries has many advantages! In fact, it avoids waste by throwing excess or misplaced bars and also makes it possible to please people by sharing them. If you are convinced, here’s how to do it step by step:

  • Surround the young plant with a good sharp shovel.
  • Find, cut and clean the underground root (rhizome) that connects the young plant to the mother plant
  • Then remove the entire clump (including the ground) taking care to keep as many small roots as possible and not damage them.
  • Wrap everything in the newspaper

With this protection, your plant can wait a few hours in the shade before finding a new home. Thus, with a little patience, it will be easy for you to recreate a beautiful fence from berries. Additionally, know that this multiplication mode, by taking off the buds, also works well for mulberry trees. In the event that you have a young berry plant installed in the spring, don’t panic if it doesn’t produce berries right away. Be patient with him and he should do his best next year. Give him a chance! You can also collect suckers in the fall, a season that helps young plants root. To do this, proceed in the same way. Our advice: immediately plant the sprouts in another corner of the garden. Another option: let them wait in pots filled with fine soil from the garden before serving them. Winter has many advantages: it allows the raspberry to take root more.

Raspberry cut 2022

What do you do with berries? foam

For a delicious taste of raspberry mousse, here is a delicious recipe for raspberry mousse. Soft on the palate and refreshing, it’s a true seasonal treat that will change you from traditional chocolate mousse! Here are the ingredients for 6 people:

  • 20 cl of full liquid cream (30%) very cold
  • 30 grams powdered sugar
  • 125gm fresh raspberries

Raspberry mousse recipe 2022

Prepare :

To prepare this recipe, you will need an electric mixer or food processor. Place the whole cream in the refrigerator until the last minute to prepare the whipped cream. For a stiffer whipped cream, keep the whisk or salad bowl 15 minutes ahead of time. For the actual preparation, start by washing the berries. Then puree it either with a food processor or an electric mixer. Pass the preparation through a sieve to remove the seeds. Next, pour the whole cream into the salad bowl. Then whisk it until you get a whipped cream.

Raspberry Crumble Recipe 2022

You will then need to incorporate the raspberry puree into the whipped cream. The easiest way to do this is to use a spoon. When the lotion is homogeneous, transfer it to a piping bag. Finally, the last step, put raspberry mousse into plants, eg. Do not forget to reserve at least one hour in the refrigerator. You can, by adding icing to the cake, accompany the musk with a few fresh berries, or even the zest of mint leaves. There is no doubt that this original recipe will win your guests! Otherwise, undo a raspberry that also works well with kids, and not only!

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