Why are more and more Americans carving recipes on tombstones? Western France Evening Edition

It’s an amazing fashion that comes straight from the United States. Recently, more and more cooking recipes have appeared on the tombstones of the deceased according to the American newspaper The New York Times.

Losing a loved one is a difficult ordeal andBurial is part of the elements that allow preserving the memory of the deceased. And some show an astonishing originality, as we mentioned the point. Extravagance that reaches the point of detection Kitchen secrets missing on tombstones. a growing trend for United StateAmerican daily reports New York times .

This fashion sees cooking lovers reveal on their tombstones their many secrets that they never revealed during their lives. In some cemeteries across the Atlantic, you can read a recipe at an alley turn.

Thus, in Castor (Louisiana), Charlie McBride engraved in the immortality marble of his mother’s peach cobbler (candy-like dessert). At the cemetery in Logan, Utah, the Andrews family’s funeral memorial has been creating attraction for two decades with the recipe for chocolate fudge, a typical American dessert.

In France, this concept does not seem to be widespread yet. “I’ve never had this kind of request before, The evening version was pointed out by one of the employees of the General Funeral Directors of Ile-et-Villains. It’s not something that’s going on here. But things can change…”

Another approach in France

A Mass Code is a QR code that can be placed on the tombstone. (Photo: Western France)

In France, a young auto businessman based in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) attempts to shake up the world of funerals. The 27-year-old came to present his Requiem, a QR code that can be installed on a grave to instantly reveal, in augmented reality, a video clip or photos of the deceased. in’Evening Edition On January 13, 2022, Lilian Delavo explained her approach: “I understand the brakes but the idea is not to shock or put my digital all over the place. The goal is to bring comfort in these tough times.”

original tombs

Behind the tombstone, tombs are developing and trying to distinguish themselves from each other. And so the site dansnoscoeurs.fr He explains that not all graves are the same. Some of them have distinctive signs: “The biggest, the smallest, the most beautiful.” According to the site, the largest site in France will be the Bantin site in the Paris region, with an area of ​​107 hectares and 200,000 tombs.

On the contraryIt will be the smallest in Normandy. near Caumont-l’Eventé. It houses only one grave, that of a British lieutenant who died in 1944. A new trend, the most ecological one, will be Neure’s grave, in Dukes Sevres.

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