why does it matter. Black Friday, the Friday that no longer works

4K TV sold for the price of a plasma screen, finally accessible Apple computer, perfumes, fashion accessories and even hobby ideas. In four years, Black Friday has become the unmissable year-end event for French consumers. But that was without relying on the Covid-19 crisis that, by closing stores, prompted the public authorities to ask the major brands to stop lowering prices in 2020, and then today due to inflation and threats of economic recession.

“28% of the French plan to take advantage of Black Friday to make purchases, compared to 42% last year at the same time*,” notes Laurent Lauden, managing director of Bonial, an online promotion company.

Why do the French avoid Black Friday?

A very significant decrease in intentions to participate, and its explanation can be found mainly in a decrease in purchasing power. “The current economic uncertainty and the general price hike that continues from week to week does not really make you want to participate in a business event or promotions or not,” Laurent Lauden analyzes.

Green consciousness?

An awareness of more responsible consumption or the need for sobriety is not the reason for this hatred of Black Friday. “Before protecting the planet, the priority of the interviewees is to make ends meet,” confirms the general manager of the trade platform.

Besides sellers?

Black Friday is at half mast, on the consumer side but also on the distributor side. The online sales site eBay announced, in mid-October, the withdrawal from commercial operation. A statement in the order of the symbol, since eBay has never been one of the sites that benefit most from Black Friday, but nonetheless illustrates some misunderstandings between French consumers and the operation coming directly from the United States in the middle of 2010.

Bigger budget for followers

However, Black Friday still maintains a following and among consumers who say they want to participate, purchase intent is stronger. Thus, it would have gone from the average budget of 298 euros last year to 398 euros this year. A highlight of this web-exclusive event since its arrival in France is that 44% of consumers said they would like to take advantage of Black Friday promotions in stores.

*Study conducted November 2 and 3, 2022, by polling institute OpinionWay on behalf of the Bonial Digital Platform, on a sample of 1,036 people, representative of the population, aged 18 and over.

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