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January 05 2022

When users of Amazon’s Echo Show smart projector want to order a meal set from Blue Apron, the task is simple enough. And now, if they need help preparing a meal, they can ask Alexa for help.

Late last year, the meal kit company partnered with Alexa to make a selection of shows available to order through Echo Show devices without a subscription, according to press release. In addition, any Alexa user can now benefit from voice assistant-based step-by-step cooking instructions for two- and four-course meal recipes from Blue Apron. Blue Apron plans to expand its partnership with Alexa throughout 2022 as part of a plan to double the number of its partners overall.

In the years since its founding in 2012, Blue Apron has become much talk of the darling of the then-nascent meal group space. But enthusiasm for the company waned, as more entrants entered the field and consumer interest in the sometimes-expensive kits cooled. The brand got an initial public offering in June of 2017, and by December of 2018, was trading at less than $1 per share, with investors reporting concerns about rising marketing costs and customer conflict, according to CNBC.

Blue apron and meal kits in general experienced a shocked In 2020, the pandemic has confined people across the country to their homes.

Before the unexpected pandemic tailwind, Blue Apron was already trying to make its way into a new customer base. In 2019, the brand announced a partnership with WW, Inc. , formerly known as Weight Watchers International, Inc. , to collaborate on meal combinations appropriate for the WW Freestyle Program. blue apron said Washington Post That the move marked a shift away from “one-by-one customer acquisition”.

Amazon Alexa is playing an increasing role in people’s home habits, as the tech giant has begun embedding the cloud-based voice assistant into devices such as coffee makers and air fryers.

Customers, however, did not adopt the tool to make purchases at the expected price as soon as it was anticipated, with experts citing the lack of a screen as a reason for hesitation. This may explain why Amazon’s Echo Show, an Alexa-equipped device with a screen, is chosen to enable customers to purchase on-demand Blue Apron meal kits.

Discussion Questions: Will the recipe instructions and one-time ordering via Alexa benefit Blue Apron’s business? What should Blue Apron and other meal kit providers do to maintain the sales momentum built over the past two years, once the pandemic subsides?


“In all of this, I don’t know what Blue Apron provides that others cannot easily replicate, which makes Blue Apron obsolete.”

“The problem with Blue Apron’s business model is turbulence.”

“Consumers have other resources that they routinely use to answer the ‘what for dinner tonight’ question.”


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