Wireless headphones sales: noise reduction and comfort, a delightful Bose recipe at lower prices

good deal news Wireless headphones sales: noise reduction and comfort, a delightful Bose recipe at lower prices

The holidays are approaching, and you may have taken public transportation to go on vacation. To have a good ride and continue at a good pace for several years, the Bose QC45 benefits from a nice reduction during sales.

Bose QC45 sales: €80 less to reduce noise quality

A noise-reducing headphone that stands out a bit from the competition and at an attractive price, this model from Bose has it all. Bose is a little reference in terms of audio, and you can’t go wrong with going for them.

Buy the Bose QC 45 for €269 on Amazon

Currently on Amazon, the Bose QC45, the brand’s newest model, goes from the introductory price of 349 euros to just 269 euros. Small deal, and don’t forget the tastes and especially the colours. If you’re not too fond of the all-black look, the gray/white model also benefits from the reduction.

Bose QC45 Comfort Equals Sound Quality

Headphones should be comfortable, because we tend to wear them for long listening sessions or other content consumption like movies or series. This is the main feature of this model from Bose.

The idea is not to get the most futuristic look like the Bose 700 boyfriend, but to create a cocoon of comfort which is a must for some people. The headset only applies low pressure to the ears for minimal discomfort, but offers a format that blocks out ambient sound as much as possible.

Passive noise reduction is good, but the active version is much better. Bose knows how to do it, and even if competitors corner them, The discount remains in the top 5 models of its kind.

What also distinguishes this model from other models is the physical keys, as the others went to slide on a flat surface. Some prefer it, it’s up to you.

Thus, in addition to physical comfort, you benefit from first-class acoustic comfort. Because headphone microphones pick up annoying sounds around you and cancel them out before they reach your ears. This is noise reduction which is very magical. For independence, advertised for 24 hours, Not the best on the market but enough to hold many long trips without slowing down.

Buy the Bose QC 45 for €269 on Amazon

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