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In the spring, you may have already seen small flowers on the rosehip. As soon as autumn comes, it gives way to small, reddish berries, to the delight of our palate.

This is the perfect time to pick them, but you can wait for the first frost, and the rose hips will then be softer and more acidic. Watch out for the thorns while picking!

You can then eat the raw berries (don’t forget to remove the hairs inside, which are very irritating to the intestines). With a complete multivitamin guaranteed! But France Bleu offers to cook it in order to add a touch of originality to many of your dishes.

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video : Rosehip is very good

What are the benefits of rose hips?

The light, sweet and refreshing taste of rose hips is not its only origin! Its health benefits are definitely there. For cooler days, rose hips are your best ally to fight fatigue, but that’s not all! It will prevent colds, flu, diarrhea, constipation … Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, rose hips are ready to accompany you throughout the fall / winter period.

How do you take care of your dog’s cold?

Once spring comes, consider putting a little compost into your rosehip, this will help it thrive. Also, remember to mulch to avoid weeds. Then, to stimulate the emergence of new shoots and to make the rosehip more beautiful, it is necessary to cut off faded flowers. Likewise, to keep it looking good, it is advisable to prune it once a year, when flowering is over. As soon as autumn comes, it is necessary to propagate rosehip by cutting. Cuttings will stay wet during the winter, in a sheltered location, in the north and in the shade. The following spring, move your cuttings to their final location.

Your rosehip will thank you!

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