Would you like to have a cold drink in pink? Here is the recipe for the famous Honey Deuce at the US Open


The Honey Deuce cocktail has been a staple at the US Open for years—since 2006, to be exact. According to Forbes, Gray Goose has teamed up with Gramercy Tavern’s Nick Mautone, a former Gray Goose brand ambassador, to use his blending skills to make the popular championship vodka drink.

“Just as mint juleps are an integral part of the Kentucky Derby, so is the Gray Goose Honey Dews for the US Open,” Aliko Azketa, vice president of marketing for Gray Goose told Forbes.

As you cheer on players like Venus Williams at the annual tennis tournament—whether from the stands or a lumpy living room sofa—you might hold a fine glass of Honey Deuce. The name of the alcoholic drink comes from the equal degree of tennis, 40-40, which is called “two”. As for those gorgeous orbs floating above the pink-tinged brew, they look like little tennis balls. With a cute word game, what’s not to love?

In 2022, a canned version of the drink will be available to New York drinkers, where the Courier Cocktail Delivery Service will bring ready-to-eat honey to your doorstep. “We wanted to go so far as to make a truly ready-to-drink honey syrup; it’s served pre-mixed and chilled, and delivered straight to your door, so all you have to do is open, sip, and enjoy,” Aleco Azqueta continued.

But if you don’t live in Manhattan, we’ll help you make your honey drink from the comfort of your own home. Watch for the recipe.

Source: Getty Images Honey Deuce Cocktail Recipe:

Get ready to pour a glass of lavish sports history.

By Gray Goose, combine 1.25 oz. Vodka (gray goose preferred), 3 oz. fresh lemonade juice and 0.5 oz. Chambord (or another raspberry drink) in a large iced glass with ice cubes.

Put a skewer on top of 1 or more frozen honeydew melon balls. Yes, it is absolutely important that the melon balls are frozen, so don’t doubt it.

Gray Goose recommends enjoying a honey drink during lunch, during leisure and/or in warm weather. Obviously, we recommend sipping on a delicious Honey Deuce cocktail while cheering on your favorite tennis players at the US Open.


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