Young people revisit grandma’s recipes

Culinary feelings often begin with a memory of a grandmother. This sixth sense, that which is stirred up by a familiar but buried scent, by a hazy memory because it is so far away, this little realized happiness which you have been able to bring to the surface by closing your eyes, and that has given rise in youth to the idea of ​​reconsidering grandmother’s recipes. “These are the dishes that I ate when I was little and never had a chance to eat again after that. We said to ourselves, why don’t we update these recipes so that everyone is as happy as I was when I ate them,” explains Kayla, a student in the technical department at CEJEF, to describe the genesis of the project. Thus the “Jura’cittes”, a compilation of about fifty regional recipes that sometimes fell into disuse, was born as part of the mature business.

“The target audience is the Jura people because they are connected to their products,” Kayla notes again. They are often closely associated with their land and traditions, as O’Reilly noted when she polled different people to determine which recipes should appear in this book. “In the market study, we privately asked: What is the main Gura recipe that you know? The stoop came out almost every time! But there are other equally interesting recipes. I remember eating pancakes when I was little, but never had a chance to cook them!” Aurélie says. , who created the book’s graphics remarkably.

Remarkably “technical” students fancy a small, handy format with spiral shapes in order to keep only the desired page in view without cluttering the business plan. The foil-coated paper protects the set from the inevitable spills in the kitchen. “Commercial” students, in particular, have thought about positioning their product. “We couldn’t find any similar businesses on the market in Jura. We did market research, and polled a lot of people about the idea. We’ve received great feedback and it is working well so far!” Sonya, a business student who was involved in the project rejoices. The seven authors of the “Jura’cettes”, signed by Chef Philippe Legrun, who privately runs the Brasserie de l’Inter, have sold half their stock, that is, a hundred books. They will continue to sell direct on the Internet but also in Jura markets at a price 30 francs / jpi


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