You’ve been cooking the wrong steak

Eating a steak in a restaurant always tastes much better than when you cook one for yourself at home, unless you’re a professional chef.

And many of us are confused about how long we need to cook steaks, so that they are the way we like them.


Poppy O’Toole has shared her hack for knowing when your steak is cooked which is super simple yet very cleverCredit: poppycooks/TikTok

Some of us like it a lot, some like it a little brown and some just want it cooked well.

But don’t worry, no matter how you like to cook steaks, a Michelin-starred chef has revealed a simple hack for cooking steaks the right way.

People will tell you there’s a little art to cooking the perfect steak, but thanks to Poppy’s steak thumb hack, it couldn’t be simpler.

With only a few minutes lag between rare and well-done, timing is key, but Poppy reveals that your thumb will tell everything when it comes to getting your steak the way you want it…

Poppy O’Toole posts her food theft on her TikTok account “poppycooks”.

She has a massive 2 million followers on TikTok and it is safe to say that she always has great tips.

So if you never know how long a steak will be cooking and you always find yourself cutting inside to check if it’s done, listen up.

Poppy uploaded a steak hack with the caption “How to test the rarity of steak with your thumb…”.

And with this hack, you don’t need any fancy equipment, all you need is your hands.

Yes, you heard it right – prepare your hands.

Bobby explained, “I’ll show you a trick of your thumb to get the perfect steak every time.”

Poppy explains how touching each of your fingers with your thumb will cause different levels of tightness in your palm, which is similar to the hardness of steaks cooked for different lengths of time.

Poppy's smart hack doesn't include any fancy tools, just your hands


Poppy’s smart hack doesn’t include any fancy tools, just your handsCredit: poppycooks/TikTok
Poppy shows how feeling part of your palm can reveal the same level of firmness as steaks cooked in different ways


Poppy shows how feeling part of your palm can reveal the same level of firmness as steaks cooked in different waysCredit: poppycooks/TikTok
It's a smart hack that will work every time


It’s a smart hack that will work every timeCredit: poppycooks/TikTok
Whatever you love to cook steaks, this hack will work for you


Whatever you love to cook steaks, this hack will work for youCredit: poppycooks/TikTok

The poppy talks about the part of your palm with your thumb.

“Then, put your second finger on your thumb,” she said, “and relax it a little, and that will be a rarity.

“So feel this grainy part of your palm, it will be rare. Then touch your steak and it will be rare.”

“So you have a medium rare – from the middle finger to the thumb.

Medium – ring finger to thumb.

“Then you did a good job, and that’s your little finger for your thumb.”

If you try this hack and feel the tightness of your palm, this is what every type of steak will feel.

Poppy’s clever method is definitely worth a try the next time you’re making a steak – it’ll keep you checking and chopping the meat to check if it’s done.

Apparently, Poppy’s video has impressed many people with 143.6K views.

She has 20.7 thousand likes, 71 comments and 269 shares.

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One person said: “What a great idea I will try it next time!!”

Another added: “Thanks for the tip – I didn’t understand it before.”

A third commented, “This is great advice. I have to cut to check. Thanks.”

With Poppy's clever hack, steak will taste great every time


With Poppy’s clever hack, steak will taste great every timeCredit: poppycooks/TikTok

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